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What is Supermojo?

Supermojo is a financing platform designed to make digital assets more accessible for users.

The platform facilitates point-of-sale financing, like layaway, to make NFT purchases easier and collateralized lending for improved post-sale liquidity. Supermojo’s initial focus is to partner with marketplaces and storefronts to offer these services.

What is layaway?

Layaway allows you to buy an NFT at the current price and pay over time.  With Layaway, Supermojo agrees to purchase and hold the NFT until it’s fully paid off. There’s no interest charged so you’ll always know the exact price upfront. 

Here’s how it works: To start, you’ll pay a deposit plus an upfront service fee.  Supermojo will then purchase the NFT for the full price and hold the NFT for you while you pay it off.  You’ll make 3 equal payments every 2 weeks.  You can withdraw the NFT once you’ve paid the full purchase price.    

Who holds the NFT while in layaway?

Supermojo owns and holds the NFT while it’s in Layaway.  Once you’ve completed the layaway payments you can transfer the NFT out of Supermojo, but we hope you’ll love the wallet experience so much you’ll keep your NFTs with us. 

NFTs held with Supermojo may eventually be eligible for future NFT-backed loan products we are developing

What If I don't pay?

If you walk away or cancel the Layaway agreement, Supermojo keeps the NFT and any payments you’ve made.  We want to avoid this and we offer everyone a 2 week grace period on late payments.

We built Supermojo as a way to onboard the next wave of users to NFTs so if you run into issues with payment, let us know. We might be able to work something out.  

How does Supermojo make money?

Supermojo makes money on the upfront, layaway service fee.  We do not charge interest or late fees.   

Can I lend to Supermojo?

We’re backed by institutional investors and capital so we don’t accept funds from individuals at this time. If you’re an institution or liquidity provider interested in funding NFT purchases and loans, reach out so we can explain our program at

How can I integrate Supermojo to my NFT marketplace?

We’ve got a simple integration model.  Reach out to and we’ll get you set up. 

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Are you a NFT marketplace interested in a better checkout experience?  Reach out to us about how to integrate layaway and NFT lending into your marketplace.

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